Proven Guest WiFi Solutions

 Increase customer retention up to 24% through sending relevant, real-time communications to customers
 Use the customer data collected to deliver hyper-personalized communications proven to drive spend and increase loyalty
 Automatically segment customer data based on gender, age range, hometown, last venue visit and much more

Provide a Great Customer Experience

When connected to your Wi-Fi network, guests will be redirected to a beautifully branded sign-in page, where they must log-in with an email address or Facebook or Instagram account before gaining access to the Internet.

Collect Cusotmer Information

Collect user email address, cellphone number, social media handles so you can keep in touch while they are at your location and after they leave.

Send automated targeted promotions

Target your customers with email or text message promotions, and coupons to keep customers coming back.

The Most Advanced WiFi Marketing Solution on Market

Engage customers,collect their information, drive repeat customer visits and increase sales.

Enhance Brand Image

Stay top-of-mind by providing a branded WiFi login page, customers will remember your name and logo.

Collect Customer Data

Capture Guest emails, social media contact,and build aFacebook/Instagram audience for re-targeting Ads.

Send Retargetting Ads

Send google ads or FB/Instagram Ads to customers that you have collected their data, this beats blid advertising.

Engage Guests Socially

Automatically trigger FB or Instagram like buttons, or redirect WiFi guests to your Instagram/FB page to share.

Drive Repeat Cusotmers

Send your customers coupons, promotions, and special offers by emial or text message.

Boost Your Reputation

Send WiFi guests directly to your Google/Yelp review page, or send them surveys.

What Our Customer says:

Awesome solution, we started from no customer list and NCM WiFi helped our coffee shop to collect over 10,000 customer contact over 18 month. With sending regular promotions we changed casual customers to loyal customers.
Kim Smith
Account Manager, Lift Coffee
Excellent 👍 products and friendly and knowledgeable technical staff. I have recommended your company to many people! NCM WiFi helped us to increase by x4 our social media shares and review in 12 months.
John Williams
Restaurant owner
I love the ability to run promotions with NCM WiFi Campaigns. It’s a very intuitive process and for a business owner there’s not a lot of work to put into it. It’s kind of immediate and you can just run it and see the results in no time..
Liz James
Satisfied Customer

WiFi Login Page and Landing Page Demoes

After WiFi login you can send your guests to your Social Media page, Menu, or Landing Page

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Turn your guest WiFi into a powerful marketing tool.


NCM WiFi integrates directly with these popular CRM and marketing platforms to automatically export user profile data collected from WiFi logins, saving you time, effort and error compared to manual export.